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LCD CentralDrive Remote Driver

Pathway Custom Series Remote Driver/Power Supply

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The Pathway LCD series of remote constant current drivers provide digital power conversion, constant current LED drive and a variety of dimming control interfaces. Pathway LED luminaires of all lumen levels are supported. Superb, smooth, flicker free dimming is accomplished using 0-10V, DMX or DALI controls. Both linear and logarithmic dimming profiles are available with dimming levels as low as 0%. Power is transmitted to each luminaire with a single two-conductor Class 2 wire. Pathway remote drivers are customized to customer requirements to achieve the ultimate in performance, flexibility and reasonable cost. On board diagnostics continuously monitor the driver health status and provide a visual indication of this status. Field serviceability improves repair turnaround time in the unlikely event of a driver failure. The benefits of remotely located driver/power supplies are: 1.) Centralized power in one accessible location equals maintenance ease. Takes the electronics out of the light­ing fixture and locates it in an accessible location for future driver replacements and servicing. 2.) Improved thermal management in lighting fixtures yields dramatically increased LED life and reliability. This product is part of our CentralDrive, Caliber LED and Coventry Architectural product lines. Additional product details are available in the Download Section below.