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Product Description:

6LB79V WLE is a 6” round, open-aperture LED recessed downlight. Product features a silicone shield on the LED module that makes it suitable for wet location under covered ceiling applications. It employs a Bridgelux Vero 29 LED module in lumen packages of 1105-5166 and is suitable for general illumination purposes. Dimming options include 0-10V (1%) which is standard, Lutron, DMX and EldoLED interfaces and options that dim to 0%. Compatible with our PathWave wireless control system (click Brochures in the Downloads tab of our site). This product is part of the Caliber LED and Coventry Architectural product lines. Additional product details are available in the Download Section below.

Lamp Type:

LED - Bridgelux Vero G7 - 12W
LED - Bridgelux Vero G7 - 22W
LED - Bridgelux Vero G7 - 30W
LED - Bridgelux Vero G7 - 44W
LED - Bridgelux Vero G7 - 53W

Lumen Output:

1000-5000 Lumens





IES File: Wattage: Lumen Output: Color Temp: Distribution: Trim/Finish:
6LB79VWLE1035KE2D8 / 6VLEDWLESCLPF 12 1105 3500K 42 deg. soft specular clear Alzak
6LB79VWLE1535KE2D8 / 6VLEDWLESCLPF 16 1545 3500K 42 deg. N/A
6LB79VWLE2035KE2D8 / 6VLEDWLESCLPF 22 2205 3500K 42 deg. soft specular clear Alzak
6LB79VWLE3035KE2D8 / 6VLEDWLESCLPF 30 3031 3500K 42 deg. soft specular clear Alzak
6LB79VWLE4035KE2D8 / 6VLEDWLESCLPF 44 4322 3500K 42 deg. soft specular clear Alzak
6LB79VWLE5035KE2D8 / 6VLEDWLESCLPF 53 5186 3500K 42 deg. soft specular clear Alzak