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Product Description:

4SQLFL2X-NF is a 4x4” square aperture LED recessed downlight. It employs a Philips Flex L2 LED module in lumen packages of 971-4137. Narrow micro flange sits flush with ceiling material for a clean uncluttered ceiling opening. Dimming options include 0-10V (1%) which is standard, Lutron, DMX and EldoLED interfaces and options that dim to 0%. Compatible with our PathWave wireless control system (click Brochures in the Downloads tab of our site). Energy Star qualified. This product is part of the Caliber Commercial LED product line. Additional product details are available in the Download Section below.

Lamp Type:

LED - Philips Flex - 12W
LED - Philips Flex - 15W
LED - Philips Flex - 21W
LED - Philips Flex - 33W
LED - Philips Flex - 41W
LED - Philips Flex - 50W

Lumen Output:

1100-5000 Lumens



IES File: Wattage: Lumen Output: Color Temp: Distribution: Trim/Finish:
4SQLFL2X110035KNF / 4SQLEDSCLNF 12 971 3500K 74 deg. none
4SQLFL2X150035KNF / 4SQLEDSCLNF 15 1283 3500K 74 deg. none
4SQLFL2X200035KNF / 4SQLEDSCLNF 21 1735 3500K 74 deg. none
4SQLFL2X300035KNF / 4SQLEDSCLNF 33 2664 3500K 74 deg. none
4SQLFL2X400035KNF / 4SQLEDSCLNF 41 3350 3500K 74 deg. none
4SQLFL2X500035KNF / 4SQLEDSCLNF 50 4137 3500K 74 deg. none