Product Families

Pathway the Lighting SourceTM offers a wide range of architectural and commercial lighting products.  Included are recessed downlighting, multi-lamp modular accent lighting, decorative pendants and surface cylinders. Our products offer precisely designed reflector optics and provide high performance for all of the latest lamp technologies including LED, ceramic metal halide, QL induction and compact fluorescent.


Our engineers work closely with our customers and sales staff to bring new fixture designs to market in a remarkably short time, and in some cases, only a few weeks.  Justifiably, many specifiers look to Pathway Lighting for custom product designs.


Pathway Lighting Products offers three families of recessed downlighting products.  The first and broadest family is our Coventry Architectural SeriesTM line which is comprised of a wide range of square- and round-aperture recessed downlighting products. Legends PlusTM is a line of economically-designed recessed downlights that utilize the same reflectors of the Coventry Architectural Series line.  Legends CommercialTM is also designed with economy in mind, but still features the high-performance optics as in our other families. 



Coventry Architectural SeriesTM

Coventry’s family of round and square aperture recessed downlights, wall wash, and adjustable accent, decorative pendants, and cylinders include LED, compact fluorescent, incandescent and HID lamps.  They provide efficient and functional lighting in a variety of apertures and lamp styles. Included in our Coventry series are the following brands: Caliber LED LightingTM, MultiCareTM, and SolerioTM.


Caliber LED LightingTM

Caliber luminaires include a complete line of round and square recessed downlights, wall wash and adjustable accent fixtures, cylinders, and decorative pendants.  All engineered to provide lighting specifiers with reliable, high-performance, sustainable LED products. Caliber integrates the latest LED modules solving many design and technical challenges associated with LED lighting applications.


MultiCareTM Healthcare Lighting Solutions

These recessed downlighting products are designed specifically for healthcare applications. They include a full line of 4” and 6” aperture fixtures which include: non-ferrous MRI downlights; high-output exam lights; tunable white downlights; LED downlights with semi-regressed lens; LED downlights with flat, non-conductive shower lens; emergency, exit and special signage; and more.


SolerioTM Decorative Pendant Downlights

Contemporary styles and modern technology combine to make Solerio Decorative Lighting an innovative solution for today’s unique design challenges. A wide range of options and features give our decorative pendants the flexibility to successfully integrate into many commercial, educational, institutional, and industrial applications. Our products will give you extensive design selection and great style.


Solerio Ornamental Bowl Accessories are a striking addition to contemporary architectural interiors. They are designed to be suspended from our Coventry Architectural recessed downlighting products.


Solerio Deco Glass is a collection of mouth-blown glass accessories that accent our 4” and 6” aperture recessed downlights.  They are retained in the reflector with a molded, self-bayoneting system that eliminates any visible hardware.


Solerio Decorative Elements is a collection of accessories that are comprised of glass discs that complement our Coventry Architectural recessed downlights and are available for apertures from 4” to 10”.


Solerio Decorative Mini Pendants for LED, fluorescent and incandescent lamp styles and are available in many shapes, sizes and colors.  These are small-sized glass pendants with terrific style.


Light SquaresTM

This is a family of square and rectangular aperture recessed downlights which provide efficient and functional lighting in architecturally pleasing shapes.  The latest in three-dimensional photometric design software is employed to create optics that provide efficient performance without sacrificing visual comfort.


Legends PlusTM

Legends Plus features commercial-grade recessed downlighting fixtures that use the same reflectors as our Coventry Architectural Series products. These have high performance, commercial-grade housings and come with architectural reflectors. They are available in 6” aperture with compact fluorescent or metal halide lamp sources. Affordably priced without sacrificing performance, Legends Plus has the qualities which are needed for your next lighting project.



Commercial recessed downlights with round apertures designed with economy in mind, but still features the high performance optics as in our other families.  This collection features many products, including our 4” aperture low-voltage lamps, and the assortment extends up to 8” apertures.  Lamping includes incandescent, compact fluorescent and metal halide. 


Exit & Emergency Lighting 

When it comes to commercial and industrial exit and emergency lighting, Pathway is your lighting source.  We offer the widest variety of exit signs available that utilize state-of-the art LED illumination.  An extensive line of our emergency lighting products feature a solid state, charger and sealed maintenance-free batteries.  Its circuitry also features low-battery voltage disconnect, brownout protection, and power-on latch feature to protect and prolong the life of the battery.