Pathway LED Platforms

Our LED product development process includes an open-platform approach when it comes to the selection of components we use in our fixtures.  Our engineers and product designers thoroughly vet LED engines, drivers, optical and controls components, among others, to ensure system reliability and compatibility.  All Pathway LED luminaires are engineered to accommodate future improvements in LED technologies from our partners.


Today, Pathway Lighting offers the broadest selection of LED engines on the market, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect fit for the job.  Peace of mind — it comes standard with Pathway Lighting products.




  • Efficient Chip-on-Board (CoB) Technology
  • Up to 8000 lumens for high-ceiling applications
  • Collection of nearly 60 products
  • Dimming to <1% for all lumen values
  • Dimming to 0% for lumen values of 4000 and below





Fortimo FLEX

  • Collection of more than 60 products
  • Dimming to 0%
  • QuickShip


Luxeon (Spot Light Module)

  • Chip-on-Board (CoB) Technology
  • Powerful and compact for superior optical control
  • Primary Optics provide 20° to 44° beams
  • Collection of more than 20 products
  • Dimming to 0.1%
  • Zhaga Book 3





PrevaLED Cube

  • Low-profile module with integrated optics
  • Collection of nearly 30 products, including IC-rated
  • Affordable dimming to 0%