Gen II DMX Translator and Programmer

Gen II DMX logo An intelligent, user-friendly technology that converts DMX input into a 0-10V signal. Now you can use DMX control systems with Pathway’s entire line of LED fixtures powered by a driver compatible with 0-10V dimming.

Higher Performance.
Enhanced Reliability.
And installation
made even simpler.


Gen II DMX Translator advanced features: 



Onboard Power Relay

  • Industry-leading feature eliminates the need for auxiliary relay often required with other systems, making for a simpler and more cost-effective installation.
  • Completely turns off the light by disconnecting power to the LED driver when a DMX brightness
    level 0 command is given.
  • Saves energy with standby power consumption of less than 1 watt.

256 Dimming Levels

  • Allows for setting of various light levels, from off to 100%, via DMX control.
  • For products at 5000 lumen output and higher, the DMX dimming range is 0.4% to 100%.
  • For products at 4000 lumen output and lower, the DMX dimming range is 0% to 100%.

Easy Address Programming

- enables programming of DMX addresses via the onboard DIP switches or the new, optional DMX Programmer accessory. 


Full Range of Addresses 

- provides 511 unique addresses ready to be programmed. 


Programmable DMX Fail Mode*

- enables programming of the luminaires to light at any of the available 256 levels in the event of a loss of the DMX signal. * The new, optional DMX Programmer is required to access this feature. Factory default setting is full brightness.  

CAT5/6 cable interconnect

- enhances reliability, as well as simplifies and streamlines the wiring process.  


0-10V Dimming Output

– provides added flexibility in that the 0-10V output is compatible with both current source and current sink interfaces.   



Gen II DMX Translator now allows for two installation setups: 






Multiple* fixtures
on a single DMX Translator

Benefit: Lower cost

setup opiotn1


One DMX Translator per fixture

Benefit: Enables independent dimming of each fixture

setup option2

 *Maximum number of fixtures allowed on a single DMX Translator varies depending on LED driver specified.
See product manual for details.



DMX Programmer

Optional DMX ProgrammerTM is available for added convenience and safety.

The DMX Programmer connects to the DMX Translator, allowing installers and maintenance personnel to quickly set or change addresses and light levels of installed fixtures. No more playing around with DIP switches while on a ladder.


Download Translator Manual

Download Programmer Manual

Download Gen II DMX Translator Features